What does Innovations do ?

Many waste streams have a high content of valuable metals. The only reason for these metals not being recovered yet, is that no one has explored the possibilities. Nowadays, there are many new separation techniques in recycling, resulting in numerous technical options to upgrade waste streams. And with the depletion of easily extractable ore reserves in sight, current metal prices are high enough for a very interesting business case. Corporate social responsibility and making money go hand in hand.

Elemetal Innovations does research for her partners who are dealing with a waste stream. She researches the options of adding value to the waste stream by retrieving valuable materials and metals from it or by increasing the bulk value of it. Elemetal Innovations does not only research the technical possibilities, but also the economics and the organizational options as well. If upgrading the waste stream looks interesting, Elemetal can prepare and assist the realization and implementation of the project. Elemetal Innovations can undertake an enterprising or entrepreneurial position in this.

Elemetal has successfully performed pilot tests for the extraction of pure copper from waste to energy bottom ashes. She developed a technique for the recycling of galvanized crash barriers along highways, for which a Green Deal has been closed recently. Furthermore, Elemetal performed paid research and development on separation techniques for the separation of copper from steel , heavy metals and tin from cans/jars.