Good news !


On March 12th a report with a heavy copper cover was delivered to Pierre Vincent, director of Attero. In the report, which weighs 7 kilos, the results of a successful project to retrieve copper from bottom ash were presented. The cover of the report was made from copper recovered during the pilot project. The name of the project is Puur Koper Terugwinning-project (PKT), which means Pure Copper Retrieval-project. This project has been executed by Elemetal in cooperation with Attero.
For the years 2015 and 2016 a scale up of the technology is scheduled together with Attero. This will be done in two steps. First "large scale heap leaching" tests will be performed to get the technology ready for market introduction. These large scale heap tests are scheduled for September until December 2014 and will be executed at Attero. The second step consists of a modular scale up of the technology to attain commercial scale.
Elemetal will perform the basic engineering of a commercial sized Elemetal plant together with FLSmidth in the upcoming months. This plant will produce the first commercial cathodic copper from waste incinerator bottom ash, ever. After completion of the "large scale heap tests" and basic engineering, detailed engineering and construction of the plant will follow.