The Company

Elemetal specializes in extracting and upcycling metals from industrial waste streams. Solid waste streams have been recycled for decades, however liquid waste streams and fine solid waste streams, which put the most strain on our environment, are nearly never recycled due to the limitations of current recycling techniques. Elemetal is founded on the principal that Waste equals Resource. And that often these difficult streams contain highly valuable materials, which, when recycled properly, can be reused in industry. That is why Elemetal has developed a new approach to waste treatment that allows us to recycle the more difficult waste streams.

Currently our main focus is on extracting pure copper from the ashes of incinerated municipal waste using the Elemetal Copper Extraction Service (ECXS-9).

We are working on becoming the world leader in developing and implementing technology in the waste- and secondary resources industry. We achieve this goal by focussing on creating technology that adds value to our customers and removes or reduces the environmental impact of industrial waste to our environment.